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Need help finding information for an essay?

I am writing an essay about the use of computers in the workplace. I am not finding a whole lot of information on it though.I am trying to find an article that explains how jobs are turning to computers to get their job done, For example how customer support used to be done only on the phone and now you can chat online or e-mail them. Graphic design companies using computers for drawing.I just need a good source. When I search for "jobs going to computer" on Google, it brings up like IT jobs and stuff and I'm not looking for computer jobs yet, just jobs that use computers.

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  1. frenetical says:

    I went to ask.com and tried putting it as a question “What kind of jobs have been converted to computers?” Unfortunately, I didn’t do any better than you. The main thing to know is that computers have taken over just about everything that conveys information, as long as they can eliminate a person. Instead of having 10 phone operators, we now have one computer and one IT tech. Information can involve everything from ordering supplies to shipping and receiving them to telling a machine how to make a car. You might have more luck actually going to a library and asking the librarian to point you to books about the problem. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  2. cardooer says:

    Try searching things lie “technology in the workplace” or “technology making jobs obsolete”. You also might want to use multiple search engines. Occasionally Google is not the find all being that it wants to be.

  3. primatial says:

    How to Write an Introductory Paragraph

  4. heartfelt says:

    You do nothave to find an eassy that talks about computers imapcting the work place. You seem to have a good graps on the trend.Why not site newspaper stores and compaines ads. This is primary-source based research in instenad of secondary reseach which is like hear say.So get a Chase Bank ad telling about on-line checking; accoutn balances etc.Read up on the Check 21 Law that allows banks to make images of checks submit them for payemnt and shredd the real check. The image becomes a legal docuemnt and the paper check doesnt have to be moved or stored.Decribe how on-line testing has repalce paper tests. or How Spreadshhet programs have rpelaced paper spreadsheets.Why cant you find a tyuewiter to buy thiese days?How about CGI compuer grapics sothat you dont have to draw or paint caroons etcagain form news articels of comapy ads.