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Pride and Prejudice Help?

I have an essay to write on a book I never read, Pride and Prejudice. The teacher said that sparknotes won't exactly save us here. I need help answering this question from someone who has read this book.( Please, I don't want answers saying, Read it yourself, or do yourself )Question: As Social standards and codes of conduct are always changing, does Austen ( Author ) defend or criticize the society in which her characters live?Its a rhetorical essay.

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  1. zealotic says:

    She does both really. She criticizes them with the dramatic and mad character Mrs. Bennet,Kitty and Lydia,and Mr. Bingley defends them in the characters of Elizabeth,Mr.Darcy,Jane and others.Hope that helps.

  2. oniomaniac says:

    I think she criticizes it in a way like with Darcy’s pride.