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Help on a legal codes protecting injured students on school campus?

For my homework assignment I was given a story, basically it's about a girl in college being a junior in agriculture major, she goes in one day after school hours (without authority) to work on her project, it used to be allowed for students to do that but for one month they prohibited it just because they havent hired a guard on duty during that time. She goes in, and then gets injured by a cow that attacked her on school property. **Can she sue the school and on what theory can she sue it? what are the things i can use on her defense?ive tried doing research but so far i just have that schools are liable for injuries and they are obligated to enforce rules & obligations for the student's safety, but I can't find ANYWHERE if this all applies in this case where the student was in school OFF school hours, i think it was on a weekend. **also, what's the maximum amount of time she can wait to file the lawsuit? I heard it should be done after her medical treatment is gone so she has all the bills for medical expenses, but what if she waits untill after she graduates? (1yr later).I have some notes and outline for my essay, but I feel kind of lost since I don't really know what i'm looking for exactly when I search the internet, I don't know much about school laws so I don't know specifically what to search for.. input on the previous questions will be much appreciated!

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  1. amitrole says:

    She’s a junior in college? Well, she’s not exactly a child so the school stuff you’re looking up would not apply. This is a simple premises liability situation. The property owners have to ensure that their property is safe and even if people are told they can’t go on the property because there was no guard, guard, or no guard, that would not have made a difference, since she was attacked by a cow. (Unless the guard was supposed to protect against dangerous cows?) The school is liable for not ensuring the cow was locked up or otherwise kept in a place where it would be less likely to encounter students after hours, because there’s no talk of it being any different before, so the school should not have roaming cows. And at the minimum, they should have a sign that says “WARNING MAD COW ROAMING ABOUT. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”