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What do men think of women? For men only!?

I'm writing an persuasive argument essay on how the feminist movement has degraded men and women. I would like to have the opinions on women's rights from men. Do you think women should be able to get a college education or not? Should she be in the home, at work or both? Should she have a say? What do you think about it?

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  1. xylyl says:

    The equality has gone too far, there are still things only women should do, and things only men should do, just like men pay for dinner and movie, and opens the door, and usually drives.And women get up nurse the kids, and makes dinner.That being said have nothing to do with women’s right to vote, study, drive, and all the other things, i rather the woman go to college then do prostitution.

  2. van sick says:

    i think women in the old days were better

  3. B-SHARE says:

    women should be equal to men

  4. expatiated says:

    Twana, your additional details make no sense, and I’m not buying it even slightly.As for the core of the question, this is perhaps not a good category to ask that in.Do you think women should be able to get a college education or not?—–More Uni’s are accepting women now, and quite many have a high girl:boy ratio now. Should she be in the home, at work or both? —–Though many will disagree with me (thinking I am insane), but I think that when a woman is in the prime of her life, have a child, and carry on working. Send the child to grandparents/brothers or sisters because face it, if they already have children, they have experience. By this radical idea, I do not mean dumping their children, but giving them a place whilst they are working. They’ll get more benefits by giving their children the best education as they can afford it now that they have done this.Should she have a say? What do you think about it?—–A say on what? We all have to be heard, or society would have collapsed on itself.

  5. oinked says:

    I feel that all people are created equal. Men and woman are completely and totally equal. However, the modern feminist isn’t happy with equality, she wants superiority. That I do not agree with.

  6. algunos says:

    -Yes women should be able to have a college education. I was under the percieved notion that more women than men attend college nowadays.-Traditionally women stay at home but if she prefers work then that’s good for her. if they have kids then someone should be at home. it’s how my folks raised me, during the day dad was at work, during the evening both parents were home and at night mom went to work. But if there are no kids involved I see no reason why she shouldn’t be able to choose for herself-She’s a human being of course she has a say,Personally I see no degradation. But then again I typically hang around positive peopleDictated but not read,Vincent

  7. filariae says:

    Of course you should vote, and go to college, drive etc…But today women want to do too many manly things, like bodybuilding etc… where is the line?But after all you give birth and breastfeed and take care of the kids so when you have kids you should be more at home, because you’re not, kids today are on the streets and don’t spend time with the family, and the man should help too.

  8. moonson says:

    Education, job, home – really does not matter as long as she is a good cook. And keeps the fridge stocked with beer.

  9. carmicha says:

    women are all a bunch of two faced, manipulative skanks who dont know wtf they want, go out with bad guys, complain, then push away good guys. I have no respect for women. F*ck yall and you deserve whatever ya get

  10. parliamenteering says:

    I really don’t think gender, or any other physical bias should determine ones rights in any way.When we do that it only exposes the fact that we are more concerned with natural appearance than ones actual “self”, which really should be the determining factor when distinguishing ones rights. But after all we are a visual society, and that would be VERY hard to change.

  11. fuligin says:

    Should have a choice to do whatever she wants. Freedom above all

  12. meadeff says:

    Yes, women should be able to get a college education. Yes, women should have a say in how they want to live their lives – whether they want to work, or stay at home.Frankly, I have no interest whatsoever in an uneducated woman who sits around the house keeping things clean and having babies. Having a wife like that is less like having a partner to go through life with, and more like keeping cattle around.I don’t want a woman to be subservient to me because she’s expected to be. I want a woman to be subservient to me because she recognizes that I’m awesome.

  13. displeases says:

    Yes, women should be able to get a college education…obviously. I don’t care whether she stays at home or works. That’s something she’ll have to work out on her own or between her and husband if she’s married. Obviously, in a marital situation, if one person wants to stay home, that should be something both parties agree upon.

  14. Calyptorhynchus says:

    I think they Have a Fair Say in All aspects… The Only Problem is now that the Woman that usually cleans and cooks is not there to do it anymore providing alot less comfort for the Male CounterPart… Arriving in a Dirty House with no Food… Yes sure the Family has a better Financial Stance but at what sacrifice… They See eachother now much less when the Woman Works aswel…

  15. sharrit says:

    I believe in equal opportunity and non discrimination.For the most part I think at least with legally backed practices gender should not be a factor. I think it’s important to note that since men and women are different, equal opportunity will not lead to a equal distribution of men and women in all areas. This is one of the fundamental incorrect assumptions feminism tends to make. (Since feminists think gender discrimination should play a large role in many practices, I generally do not support such causes).There are some areas, where I agree gender should be a factor or even the defining factor, namely coed restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams. If men and women were held to the same standard in sports almost no women would play sports, so I think it’s good we have separate women’s teams with different standards.I think when it comes to people’s social lives, I support freedom of association. People should be free to spend their time with whomever they want for what ever reasons they want including gender.~