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What do you think of this essay about why my mother is my biggest influence.?

I have had many various influential people in my life but I would have to say that my Mother has made the biggest impact of all. Most everything that I am today is a result of influences and examples I have received from my Mother. She has made so many different opportunities available to me, without which I do not know where I would be. I find my Mother to be a very inspiring person; the reasons for this are endless. My Mom has been through multiple hardships over the course of her life and throughout it all she has become an exceptionally strong, loving, and wise person. This fact alone astounds me and when compounded with the fact that my Mother, amidst it all, still manages to have a quick, clever, and upbeat sense of humor I am left awe-struck. The things I have learned and continue to learn from my Mother are endless; she has taught me all of the founding principles of my life and for that I am eternally thankful. Though my Mother and I have many discussions on various subjects, within which I learn many different things, I believe that many of the things I learn from her are discovered and observed from example. I am a strong believer in the notion that the saying "like father, like son" transfers into both genders, however, I do think that this is more a result of following example rather than a result of inheritance or genetics. It is common knowledge that not everyone is perfect, even heroes, and in realizing this I know that I although I wish to be like my Mother in most ways I do not in all. This realization may be one of the most important things I have learned, my Mother has taught me to base my decisions in life not solely on the examples and actions of others but simply on what I gather and learn from the examples and actions of others. In other words, she has taught me not to follow blindly but to make my own decisions based on what I think is important. My relationship with my Mother is something that I treasure above everything else in my life. We are able to play and joke like young children and have serious in depth conversations on some of life hardest subject like mature adults. The various levels that my Mother can reach me on astounds me and I think that it is what makes our relationship truly special and what makes her such a wonderful influence.

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  1. jindril says:

    I think your mom is lucky to have you as a daughter.. I wish I was like you and not so like, I guess, rude and stuff etc, to my mom. i regret it all so much.To pyt: LoLz you got owned

  2. macroplastia says:

    Aww..That’s really thoughtful and sweet.It’s surprising to see something so nice to be written about your Mother. The reason I say that is, because most teenagers/adults find their parents to be an annoyance, rather than for them to actually be of a good influence or an inspiration.You’re awesome, that’s a great essay.:)

  3. futurisms says:

    thats cute you may want to limit how many times you say I but otherwise its good

  4. reseda says:

    For starters, this is pretty good, but short for an essay. “my Mother” – don’t capitalize the M in mother unless you are caller her “Mom” or “Mother,” but you have “my” so you don’t need to do that.In the second paragraph, “This fact alone…” should be “These facts alone…” because you are describing more than one thing. Put commas before “but”. I think that if you want to blow this essay out of the park, you need to write about a specific time when you had a deep connection or shared a great moment with your mother. Usually the best essays are the ones that reveal who your mother really is by what she does. For example, you can explain her hardships and what she and you went through. When writing, I find that people are really touched when I reveal things that may be embarrassing or things I want to hide; because when I read this, I felt like I didn’t really get to know your mom, you were just saying good things about her.I’m not trying to put you down, but just trying to help you make it better. I hope it helps. Good luck!

  5. JUDSON says:

    wow that is worded so perfectly. im 16 and i can not write like that. if i were your mom i would be proud of myself for knowing i was able to give all those things to my child, and then also knowing that my child appreciated all those gifts would have a positive impact on me. nice job

  6. vagitus says:

    that was very nice u should show it to your mother i’m sure she’s proud to have u as a son…i too feel that way about my mother so i understand where ur coming from

  7. feculence says:

    if i was your mother i would gave you a hug.

  8. DONALD says:

    It sounds terrific abd right to the point.

  9. refixed says:

    too long…..lol i didn’t read it. but i remember that one time i wrote an essay in 5th grade about how much i loved my mom……i wish i felt the same way today. its not my fault she do esn’t take her medicine!