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How did the Frank’s adoption of Christianity help development a large Christian cultural zone?

"How did the Frank's adoption of Christianity allow the eventual development of a large Christian cultural zone in Medieval Europe?"I'm taking a world civilization's class and I could use some help with this essay question pretty please!

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  1. splendacious says:

    The Franks were a major power in the early Middle Ages. They formed the Carolingian Empire, which included France, nothern Spain, large parts of Germany and about half of Italy at its peak. The Franks worked with the Pope to spread Christianity throughout their lands, including the very resistant Saxon people. Charlemagne famously had over four thousand German people beheaded in one day in an effort to make them obey him and accept Christianity. Frankish diplomacy also helped to spread Christianity in England. Without the Franks, Christianity in western Europe might have disappeared when the Roman Empire collapsed.

  2. prevarication says:

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  3. interbrigade says:

    Owl’s facts may be correct but his assessment is off. Christianity does not need violence to spread it because it is an ideology of peace. People who say they have converted to it aren’t necessarily converts.

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