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Roland Barthes ‘The Photographic Message’?

i am looking for an easy to read summary or overview of the essay by Roland Barthes called 'the photographic message'.any personal overviews or links would be great. thanks.

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  1. marseillaise says:

    Easy to read? Roland Barthes? Okay, here ya go:Open the book. Attach the rear end to the chair. Read until finished.Easy.

  2. pulleys says:

    Barthes views society as a dynamic construction that is perpetuated by signs of the dominant values within a culture. He implies that myths are derived from these signs, and hence these social myths come to regulate what we perceive as natural in our society. In Barthes’ context myth does not refer to ancient myths. As Roland Barthes explains it, myth is a type of speech, a system of communication evoked to carry a message. You may check out the following essays to get some ideas for your paper