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Score this SAT I essay on a scale of 1-6?

Essay Prompt:When people form opinions about someone or something, what affects them most is not substance but style. In other words, the way something appears or is presented is more important than what it actually is. This principle affects how people look at their leaders and their lives, the books they read, the products they buy, and even the subjects they take at school.Assignment:Is style more important than substance?Essay:Often, most first impressions are based on the looks of the object or person. People rarely have time to go beneath the surface and carefully examine the qualities of the object or person. But this shallow outlook will never let us know the true value of it. Therefore, the substance, not the style, has the most importance.I have had to learn the hard way that merely going on looks rather than personality can have disastrous consequences. During my sophomore year, I was infatuated with one of the prettiest girls in my school. I was smitten with her; the only thing that I thought about day and night was her. Finally, I mustered up the courage to ask her out, and to my great surprise she said yes! The first two weeks of our relationship were flawless; we made the perfect couple. But then, slowly but surely, her faults started to leak out like water from a broken pipe. I realized that she was overtly paranoid and filled with jealousy; whenever I talked to another girl, she would come racing towards me as if I was in dire danger. She insisted on being with me virtually 24 hours of the whole day. Finally, I felt compelled to break up with her. However, one good thing did come from this fiasco. I realized that good looks are not everything, and that a person's character is more important.Current marketing strategies heavily depend on our tendency to pick the product that appeals to us the most in terms of style. They take advantage of this in order to foist upon us useless items that no one would have bought otherwise. They claim to have a "new and improved formula" or "state-of-the-art technology", but in reality, it is just a scam to fool poor customers into buying their products. In order to defend ourselves from being tricked, we must not go by looks but by quality.When people form opinions about someone or something, what affects them the most is not substance but style. This principle affects our outlook in all spheres of life, whether it is our personal life or the things we buy. However, we should always remember that substance is more important than the way someone or something looks. As they say, "All that glitters is not gold".

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  1. Selaginella says:

    This is an excellent essay.Two apt and engaging examples, good grammar and syntax, interesting literary devices.It biggest flaw is the conclusion, which faltered, dropping into a preachy tone and vague generalizations. This also would have been a good place to point out that not everyone is affected only by style at the expense of substance all the time.This is a 5 and it would have been a 6 with a better conclusion.