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Applying to colleges this fall…?

Hi,I want to attend a good university. I am a foreigner/immigrant (senior in high school, class of 2011), and live in Connecticut. Right now, I have a 3.7-ish GPA (unweighted, on a 4.0 scale) and 4.0 weighted and have taken 4 AP classes so far:AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Computer Science and AP US History. I am taking 3 more APs this upcoming year: AP Physics and AP Economics + Calculus BC.I participate in Math League and an engineering club at school. I also play volleyball (3 years so far+next year (varsity)).My SAT scores are 1900/2400 (520 Reading, 640 Writing, 740 Math)+ 10/12 on the essay part. Taking another SAT I test in October again.My Chem SAT II score is 640 and math 2 SAT II is 730.I also took TOEFL and will be getting my results in a week or so. My AP Chem, AP US History and AP Comp Sci scores are coming somewhere in the end of the month.I also have a couple awards for academic achievements in math and science.I am interested in engineering (mostly computer engineering) and have been taking an engineering course in my school for 2 years. I love math and physics. I speak two languages (my native and English).I am looking at some good schools like University of Connecticut, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Boston University (not sure how good their comp engineering program is), and Cornell (I might as well apply to 1 or 2 Ivy schools just in case lady luck is on my side).So, what do you think about my perspectives on getting into these colleges?

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  1. acquest says:

    I would say they seems pretty good based on what you wrote in your question, but no one knows what goes through the mind of admissions people, just apply to a few schools for computer engineering you really want to go to a RPI or WPI or similar school since they are an engineering school.