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Do I have a shot at getting into Brown University?

I'm going into my junior year at the end of summer and right now my GPA is a 3.5 but i can easily move it up to a 3.7/3.75 over the course of my junior year so lets just say that my GPA is a 3.7classes for junior year:world litworld studiesspanish 4pre-calcphysicsphotography 2gymvisual programingsenior year classes: (will be)AP spanishAP physicsAP calc ABAP english litAP studio art (maybe)...i feel like i should be taking AP courses my junior year but the thing is there is no way that i could. worl lit and world studies are required your junior year and those are my english and social studies classes for next year, i took the highest spanish class that was available to me every year so AP spanish is only offered to seniors, there really arent any AP electives, and i actually was in a lower math class but i'm now taking an accelerated math course this summer so that next year i can do pre-calc and get into AP calc senior year, and you have to be in calc or higher to get into any AP science classes. So you see i'm just not offered any AP classes for my junior yearas far as clubs i'll be in:ethics club peer out reach clubpoetry clubprom committeesaber scribe (school paper)yearbook committeeand hopefully national honor societyalso i'm already in the national league of high school scholarsI played soccer my freshman year I actually helped start our schools first rugby team (well its really a club but it is a sport) I played that my freshman and sophmore year (sadly we had to drop it becuase there werent enough girls for the spring session sophmore year)...(idk if this makes a difference but i've also played guitar for a while)I know that brown is highly competitive but i plan on applying for early decision I also know that my GPA isnt perfect and i might look like a weaker candidate but i know my essay with be great i've done a lot of community service and am really close with the activities director of the place i volunteer for (parkhurst place) its an assisted living center in my town. I'm close with my councilor so i know he'll write me a very personal letter. i don't know what else to say except im different im really into photography, art history, social sciences, and philosiphy. I absolutely love the atmosphere and academic set up of the school i know its very liberal and everything about it speaks to me as a person. if i cant get in just tell me, be honest. If there is anything i can improve on let me know as well. [i would love it if someone who actually applied to brown would answer this whether you got in or not both would be good. Just let me know what you did.]

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  1. hirshman says:

    dude a 3.7 is a pretty weak gpa compared to other Ivy League students, even though IT IS Brown…I got a friend who got accepted to UPenn… 4.4 gpa, a cousin who goes to Cornell… 4.1 gpa, another friend who goes to Columbia… 4.3 gpa… so a 3.7 is very weak, especially if that’s on a weighted scale. If it’s unweighted, then it’s still pretty weak because it means you got B’s or possibly a C. If you got a C, just kiss your chances of going to any Ivy League school… unless you got an SAT score of at least 2250, and a lot of 4′s and 5′s on your AP tests… I said 4, because this is BROWN.. but most Ivy League schools only like 5′s.Extracurriculars are good, helps you stand out… but there’s no point in standing out if the University won’t even give your application a look after looking at your GPA. And hoping to get into NHS… if you’re not in NHS, there’s no way you’re getting into any highly prestigious University. NHS is almost too easy to get into…

  2. Hyphomycetes says:

    You GPA is too low.Alo. you may want to reconsider whether you want to go to Brown at all. Brown has been named one of the most bigoted prestige schools in the USA. Because of Brown’s “speech codes”, unless you are an extreme liberal, you will learn to keep you mouth shut or risk being harassed.

  3. interrace says:

    No one can tell you “you can’t get in.” You’re definitely qualified. That said, plenty of over-qualified students don’t get in. “It’s a crapshoot,” in the words of an older friend of mine. It definitely helps that you know why Brown is your first choice, as colleges really like students who are really interested in attending their school.I’m a rising senior in high school and haven’t gotten around to starting my apps yet, but I’ve skimmed through books of application essays. A couple had the student’s stats, and whether they got into this or that college. [external link] … [external link] …I think those two have short student profiles. Anyway, good luck on Brown!