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Good essay attention grabber?

I need a good essay attention grabber for an essay on WW1. The essay is a persuasive essay, and what I am trying to say it that any act of survival during war is not justifiable.

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  1. Ctenoplana says:

    What a man does at his most desperate hour speaks volumes of a man’s character and his convictions.

  2. lifeholder says:

    Given all of the grief given out during WW1 and more important all the grief given out by those who survived (and benefited from WW1 – Hitler, Stalin), the way your hypothis reads now could be quite interesting. I intrepret what you have written to mean that ANY act to survive a war (including eating and consuming water) is not justifiable. This means that once a war starts we should all just sit down and waste away. Now that is an interesting essay.

  3. kinematics says:

    Find a gruesome story that happened during WWI and open the essay wtih an account of the event. Search for war crimes. a gross and true story will grab someone’s attention it also may help to prove that survival at any cost may not be justifiable.Good Luck

  4. maswick says:

    Try this:Since time immemorial, man’s animal instincts of survival have surfaced off and on.Earlier it surfaced as a race for food, then for dominance and so on.Later, his passions ruled the roost. Power, jealousy, love; all were ample fuel for war.However, over these years one fact stood out: “War has no victors”…………