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How do you write an intro to an essay?

I understand what you are supposed to do... You should have a thesis statement (that explains your purpose in writing the paper, what you will be talking about), and you should try to grab the reader.I always have trouble with this part. I'm a decent writer, but I have so many issues with writing intros (and conclusions, for that matter). I almost always end up with something so incredibly bland; I want to be able to write something that actually WILL grab the reader's attention.

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  1. prevert says:

    You ought to write what is IMPORTANT first. Begin with what you want to prove or imply to make the reader comprehend to your essay. The introduction should tell everything about what your essay is about. Try to make the intro catchy.

  2. peakishness says:

    essay on how woman were treated unfairly once. ex: from how countries were treated and treating eachother to how one government treated another. now it’s how men are treating women. woman have as much rights to be treated human as men do. it would help if woman worked to pay. not juust standing around….you just start. no, “dear,” no titles, just start.

  3. tennist says:

    I bet you already know this but the intro consists of two parts: the hook, and then the informationthe hook is what grabs the reader. Make it interesting, and if you want to make it a question, make it a “billion dollar” question like, Do you know how it feels how to lose your home? or something like that.Good hooks can use onomonapeia or interesting factoids. Then, the information part, consists of your thesis. The thesis is the road map of your whole essay. If you are a little younger, you do (answer to your prompt) because, (reasons, at least three or more)if you are a little more complex, you create one idea, and you don’t include reasons, because you are already giving away your essay. You find all your reasons with one reason that includes all of it.hope this helps! good luck.

  4. shwanpans says:

    I have the same problem too sometimes. Usually if I can’t think of a good hook, I would use imagery and place the reader in the position of the essay. For example, if you wanted to write a persuasive essay on making commercial farm conditions more humane, you could start out with, “Imagine that you are placed in a shabby, unsanitary building with no windows or fresh air. You are stuck with thousands of others like you in this place and are not allowed to exit the building…” and go on to describe the place and then connect it with the rest of the essay. If imagery doesn’t work, you could start out with a question or a startling statistic.

  5. tigrani says:

    What you want to do to make the perfect intro is capture your audience. Think of it as a funnel. Start with a broad topic people like thinking about like honesty or integrity, then figure out a way to tie it to your essay topic but do it in a sneaky way. Then clearly state your essay topic or prompt. You should include why YOU are interested in the topic first and then state your thesis.

  6. gdriver says:

    It depends on what kind of essay you’re writing, but for any essay relating to a book:1. HOOK (Grabs the reader’s attention. Can be anything from a quote, short story, interesting fact, metaphor etc.) Example: To climb a mountain one must struggle and strain) Use creative approaches :) 2.Explain your hook 3. Relate it to the novel/ introduce your topic (Ex: Likewise, in the story of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn..)4. Connect your story to the hook5. Develop your thesis & develop your opinionYAAAY! Hope this helps. For your conclusion go backwards:1. Thesis2. Story/hook connection3. Introduction of topic4. Hook (Because it echos)

  7. coutant says:

    The introduction is the most important part of an essay. A person decides whether the essay is well written and useful while reading its introduction.

  8. doit says:

    Just restate the question. Explain what your essay will be about. To make it interesting, you can begin with a quote or a rhetorical question.