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What are my chances at these schools?

I'm currently looking at these schools and want to know what my chances are:University Of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (UIUC) *This is my high reach school, so i'm very curious about my chances at this one!Missouri University (Mizzou)Kansas University (KU)U of Rochester Here is a reflection on my high school years! Freshman & Sophomore Years: Freshman year my grades were a little low. By Sophomore year, I was literally earning C's and D's. But, the summer after my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with ADD and starting taking medicine for it. Junior Year: My grades were mostly B's and some A's. The only lower grade I earned was a C+ in AP Macroeconomics-HNSenior Year: As of right now I am balancing 4 AP classes and am doing well in them and all of my classes in general. Extracurriculars: Community Service Program: With about 200 hours.*I also led a school charity event. Model United NationsYearbook Staff (Senior Year Only)And I am Vice-President of a writing club. I also have a job (my Senior year only). My ACT is a 29 overall. I can get counselor support for my ADD issue and I can write about in my essays. So what do you think? What are my chances at each one of these schools?

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  1. jeeps says:

    Hi KayleeYou are probably good for most if not all of them. You can find out what the middle 50% of last years admitted class looks like by finding each school on collegeboard.com and use the “How Do I Stack Up?” service.Definitely consider at least two universities in your state system. There rarely is any academic or financial advantage to going out of state for a Bachelors degree.EDIT: If you are an Illinois resident, you are still okay with an ACT score of 26.Here is a summary of last year’s admitted class to UI-UC [external link] …