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What information is included on a works cited page?

A.the Internet articles that you used in the essayB.the articles that you browsed throughC.the books that you readD.the periodicals that you referenced2.Which of the following is a correctly written book citation?A.(Jennings 88).B.(Jennings par. 20).C.(Jennings "Warfare," 45).D.(Jennings "Warfare" 45).3.What is the purpose of expository writing?A.It persuades someone.B.It describes something.C.It identifies something.D.It explains something.4.Which of the following should not be on a source card for a periodical?A.the authorB.the articleC.the pageD.the place of publication5.What is plagiarism?1. forgetting to place a citation2. not using quotations around a quote3. not leading into the quote properlyanswers 1 and 3answers 1 and 2answers 1, 2, and 36.What is the best definition of a slant?A.someone's opinion that is unfoundedB.an angled or inclined surfaceC.an author's bias for or against somethingD.an inappropriate source of information that cannot be used in research7.What is the purpose of an introduction paragraph?A.to tell your reader everything you will sayB.to introduce your subjectC.to entice your reader to read more about the subjectD.to set up a framework for the paper8.What is the purpose of an outline?A.to help visualize your informationB.to make sure that you do not plagiarizeC.to organize your thoughtsD.to guide you through your paper to works cited9.Why do people use note cards for speeches?1. They help people organize their thoughts.2. They help people not lose their train of thought.3. They help people avoid reading their speech.Answers 2 and 3Answers 1, 2, and 310.What is the purpose of a conclusion paragraph?A.to restate your thesisB.to tell your reader everything that was readC.to give a finished feeling to your paperD.to summarize your paper11.Is the following quotation set up properly? Why or why not?A.As Juliet reflected on the evening, she looked out on her balcony and sighed, "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"B.No, there is no citation.C.No, we do not know when this happened.D.Yes, we know who Romeo and Juliet are.E.Yes, we know the situation for the quote.12.What is the main purpose for visual aids?A.They help explain the information in another way.B.They make the paper look more professional.C.They add validity to the paper.D.They break up the monotony of a piece of writing.13.Is the following quotation set up properly? Why or why not?"Biologists use stains when looking under the microscope," said Dr. Rahn Broady.A.No, there is no citation.B.No, we do not know when this was said.C.Yes, we can understand the quotation.D.Yes, we can follow the train of thought.14.Why do people use note cards in research writing?1. They decrease the chances of plagiarizing.2. They are useful for organizing your thoughts.3. They encourage you to be brief.Answers 1 and 2Answers 1, 2, and 315.Which is not an example of expository writing?A.a computer's instruction manualB.the GoogleTM home pageC.a university brochureD.a detour sign16.What is the best definition for a paragraph's topic sentence?A.a sentence that begins the paragraphB.a sentence that helps the reader to organize her thoughtsC.a sentence that tells the reader what will be discussedD.a sentence that is the first sentence of the paragraph17.What is the best definition for technical writing?A.Writing that gives directions.B.Writing that includes technical terms in a directive fashion.C.Writing that explains things in a technical way.D.Writing that breaks down a process into smaller, easier steps.18.Which of the following is an appropriate thesis for a five-page research paper?A.Thomas Jefferson's ideas have affected every branch of the American government in multiple ways.B.Tomatoes are beneficial vegetables to our bodies in multiple ways.C.Ernest Hemmingway's literary masterpieces influenced every modern writer.D.Mexican culture's Day of the Dead activities are truly fascinating.19.What is the purpose of a thesis?A.It helps your reader understand your purpose.B.It gives you direction when writing.C.It gives you a main idea.D.It is the last sentence in the first paragraph.20.Janie is writing a research paper on the health benefits of apples. Which of the following Internet sites would probably be a good source of reliable information?A.www.OrganicApples4All.comB.www.luvmyapplez.comC.www.purdue.eduD.www.healthyeating.org21.A conversation with your principal would be classified as _____.A.semi-formalB.formalC.informal22.Which of the following should you not do if you lose your train of thought in a presentation?A.Stop and say nothing.B.Say anything.C.Take a deep breath.D.Look over your notes.23.Which of the following is an appropriate topic for a five-page researc

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    1. A-D but not necessarily C or B unless you used them in your work, or paraphrased from them2. A3. D4. C5. Answers 1 and 26. D7. B8. C9. 210. D11. E12. A13. C14. 215. A16. C17. B18. A19. C20. D21. B22. A23.?

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