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Free essays and projects, with open university course material where can i sell them?

A103-an introduction to humanitiesVery good condition full course material, tapes, including (the arts-good study guide) set book, plus all essays & tutor comments. Postage not included/UK £50 ONOU210-the English language, past, present & futurevery good condition full course material,1 tape, including (describing language) set book, plus all essays & tutor comments. Postage not included/UK £50 ONOE300-english language and literacyVery good condition full course material, 2tapes, including (an introduction to sociolinguistics, language and power, the functional analysis of English) set books, plus all essays & tutor comments.postage not included/UK £ 80ONOE301-the art of englishvery good condition full course material,3 CDs,including (language and creativity, exploring the language of poems …) set books, plus all essays & tutor comments.postage not included/UK £60 ONO

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  1. JANENE says:

    I don’t understand why you’ve put ‘Free essays’ and then you want to sell them? this is blatant

  2. coauthored says:

    You are not permitted to sell copies of your assignments or essays as this is breaking the law and breaches copyright regulations. You may still sell your books but course materials and essays are not permitted to be sold to other parties. If you are caught selling your work on ebay, for example, or to someone on the course who may use your work, then you will be held responsible under education and copyright law with both the buyer and university in question; they could easily copy your work and blame you. If you sell tutor comments then the tutor can sue you for passing on work which shouldn’t and for selling their personal comments.

  3. reschedules says:

    You can go the website megaessays.com or essays.com for more information.

  4. campanular says:

    You do realise this is illegal and you can get in trouble with the police for this? You should atleast state that you are offering them as basic guidelines rather than coursework for people to copy.