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Have you ever unintentionally plagiarized a piece of work, through the subconscious mind?

Today in English class my professor was talking about plagiarism and paraphrasing. This provoked me into deep thought about my work. Then I realized I had paraphrased a sentence in my essay that I had read from its original source. I quickly changed the sentence altogether. So, have you ever accidentally paraphrased a sentence or two? Did you really like the original sentence a lot, so much that you changed a couple of words here and there? Could you get in legal trouble if even just one sentence of your is paraphrased from a published work?Thank you for your time and answers (:

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  1. holt says:

    If it was subconscious, meaning you weren’t aware you were doing it; how would you know?

  2. JANENE says:

    Yes. A whole story. I even named it the exact same title. And when I heard about it, as it was new coming out, I was like. Oh. My. God. It had the same theme, title, even the same name as one of the characters. So I had to change the title and mix it up.

  3. coauthored says:

    No. All my plagiarism is intentional :-) I haven’t heard of anyone getting into legal trouble for copying just one sentence, though it would probably depend how long the rest of their work was, and how important the sentence was in the context of the work as a whole. When you hear of someone being accused of plagiarism, or the publisher withdrawing their work from sale because of plagiarism, it’s always a lot more than one sentence that they’ve allegedly copied.

  4. reschedules says:

    When I was younger, I read a chic-lit book, and decided to write a story of my own. It was a short story, around ten pages. Now that I read it, I realize it’s the EXACT same story that I read, just a little bit rephrased -_-

  5. tetraprostyle says:

    Not so much unintentionally plagiarized anything. Most of what I wrote was discovered later on as the same thing as something else, which was freaky. Like a sentence I had was the same and didn’t even know. One time, a story I had written for school turned out to be very similar to another story/movie that I didn’t even see till years later. Freaky.Sometimes you just can’t help if something is similar to another. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re doing it. And sometimes you realize after wards it is pretty much the same thing as another. I don’t think you can get into serious legal trouble for doing that. Some artists just have the same sort of brain waves. Like, there’s something I had for my story I’m writing now that I thought was unique. I read this other book and turns out, they had the same idea. Am I supposed to not include it anymore even though it would be important to my story? You can’t help that. Just go with it. As long it’s not the same exact thing word for word, then it’s all good.

  6. campanular says:

    Sort of. I’ve written similar plotlines to other books, but once I DID write a line for a song and about a month later, I heard that line in a song on the radio. I was SO mad because it was absolutely PERFECT and I had to change it.