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History essay help, slavery?

for an essay i have to write what slavery is known as, and an example of slavery today. summarize it. if you could please give me some information, and/or links that would help me with this. thanks!

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  1. CYTHIA says:

    slavery hmmslavery is were 1 person has others to work for them for little or no pay. there was slavery in america and around the world. slavery happens when 1 race thinks there superior to another race. it dosnt happen today in industrilized countries but in 3rd world countries it dose

  2. joeys says:

    You must define slavery, or I assume you mean 18th and 19th century African slavery in the Western Hemisphere engaged in agribusiness for the most part.Well not exactly today but 20th century, orphans in Great Britain were involuntarily assigned to farms in Canada where they worked for room and board only at the behest of the farm owner until age 18.The essence of the concept of slavery is involuntary. For example, serfdom was far worse than slavery as described above, but it was quasi-voluntary.

  3. scrawler says:

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