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Is this a good concluding paragraph for an essay the topic is dogs are better than cats?

I strongly believe that dogs are much better than cats. Dogs have human characteristics, they are brave, they are loyal, they can be of magnificent service and they can help you beome more social. I beg you to take a trip to your local animal shelter and make a dog a part of your life. It will change everything, trust me.

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  1. governor's says:

    Sure, why not. But your wrong. I have always had a dog and a cat, and one things for sure, they are as intelligent as you allow and teach them to be. Trust me, my pets are both smarter then the average bear! Good luck with your essay.

  2. prescutal says:

    No it is too personal. An essay is not supposed to be about what ‘YOU’ believe, it’s about converying your ideas in a sophisticated way. something more like: “Conclusively, dogs are better than cats. The loyalty, bravery, and human characteristics of dogs, as well as, the service and personal benefits of owning a dog are more so than their feline counterparts.” Is more appropriate, notice i haven’t used “i” or “you” those are general rules of writing essays.

  3. Anatum says:

    It’s good. A little personal. A little “editorial”, but still good.