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Homework help please (:?

im in ap euro and i really need help ! if someone could please just help me with an outline for the essay i hate to right, heres the 9 essays i need an outline for ...1) To what extent and in what ways may the Renaissance be regarded as a turning point in the Western intellectual and cultural tradition?2) Discuss the decline of the aristocracy in Western Europe. When did the decline occur, what forms did it take, and what factors caused it?3) Discuss the origins and evolution of European liberalism as a political movement during the nineteenth century.4) Why were Europeans able to achieve economic and political control over many non-European peoples between 1450 and 1750? 5) "Every successful revolution puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed." Evaluate this statement with regard to the English Revolution (1640-1660), the French Revolution (1789-1815), and the Russian Revolution (1917-1930). 6) Discuss the extent to which nineteenth-century Romanticism was or was not a conservative cultural and intellectual movement. 7) What political and social changes in Western and Central Europe account for the virtual disappearance of revolutionary outbreaks in the half-century following 1848? 8) In the seventeenth century, England and the Netherlands developed effective capitalist economies, while Spain did not. Why did the economies develop so differently in England and the Netherlands, on the one hand, and in Spain, on the other? 9) Analyze the major social, political, and technological changes that took place in European warfare between 1789 and 1918.if someone would please be so kind as to help me out thanks !

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