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How have colonists ‘fought the man’?

i have a question for my midterm, and i have a couple key points. I was just curious if some of you out there could help me answer a couple more...thanks :)you have had the opportunity to learn how individuals fought an established country to gain their own individual rights and the struggles others faced as they tried to gain their Individual rights. However, throughout all of this, people still fought 'the man' and many, such as African Americans, Women, Native Americans, and even Immigrants still have to fight to have their voice heard. Your task is to write an essay describing at least 3 significant events where individuals fought the man during the time period of 1776-1812. You should also include a concession paragraph on a specific group with at least 2 points on how that group still has to fight the man after 1812.

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  1. heliced says:

    I would do Shay’s Rebellion (1786), The Whiskey Rebellion (1794) and Fries’s Rebellion (1799), as they occurred after the formation of the United States, but within a short time frame of one another.