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Can I get into University of Maryland? Chances?

I mean UMD College Park or Baltimore county.Unweighted 3.5 gpa, weighted 3.7.Member of National Honor Society.Completed community service at a Nursing home, SAT score of 1735,Act score of 23, ethnicity of Asian andblack (not that it should matter), goodessay, good class rank, recommendationletters.......Oh and I was also involved in student government !That's all I have.Eh, I doubt whether you need a 3.9 gpa to be accepted, since not so many people even make it above a 3.0 in high school these days.Scew that if you HAVE to have a 3.8 -3.9 gpa to get in.That's crazy to me. :D !

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  1. magnascopic says:

    ur a shoe-in. prepare to be interviewed.

  2. disarmature says:

    It DOES matter that you’re black. You’re held to a lower standard. (Don’t mention that you’re part Asian..).You’re good for Baltimore County, and of course Eastern Shores. You should up your SAT to have a better-than-even chance at College Park.