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Help creating a thesis statement for Lord of the Flies essay?

Um, yeah, I have the whole essay written out... except the thesis statement. I have a pretty basic idea for the thesis statement, but how do I make it better?"Golding's book, Lord of the Flies, teaches us three separate allegories of psychological, political, and religious ideas in our everyday lives."I showed my teacher, but he thinks that if graded on a rubric, it would be put down as "Proficient" and not "Advanced", which in the "Proficient" category, it would be "Thesis is clearly stated." How can I get that bumped up to the "Advanced" category, which states: "Thesis is highly developed and provable"?(It's difficult to explain, but the psychological aspect is incorporating ID, superego, and ego into the three main characters, Piggy, Jack, and Ralph. The political one is separating the same three characters into legislative, judicial, and executive. The religious is viewing the adults as the "savior" when they're coming to rescue them and all that jazz. Any ideas for a thesis statement on that?)

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  1. semipro says:

    I’m confused, how have you written the essay without a thesis statement? If this is the type of essay that requires one than the entire essay is written to prove said statement, does that mean that your essay has no focus. Good luck, whatever point you made in the essay, and that the essay surrounded and supported is the thesis.

  2. catechized says:

    How about: Golding’s book, Lord Of The Flies, teaches us three separate allegories of psychological, political and religious ideas in our everyday lives, by showing different aspects of the three main characters, Piggy, Jack and Ralph.”