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A little Apil Morning Essay… please make a essay answering these questions about April Morning?

Questions:Tell why you think Granny encourages Adam to go outside and listen to the rider...even against his mother's will. "The central argument involved the Committeemen and the militia officers and the Reverend, who was torn between the Committee and the militia on one hand and God and the church on the other."In your own words, explain why the religious position 'God and the church' is opposed to the use of force. You may draw from Scripture to justify your answer. Does it seem like any of the militiamen expect to see bloodshed? 'Yesterday he was a boy,' Father replied, his voice dull and troubled. 'Tonight, he's not.' Why does Father think Adam is suddenly a man? Note: "Because he signed the muster book" is not a sufficient answer! Do you agree with Sarah's argument about taking time to become a man? Does this quote apply to what happens when the British arrive? Explain. 'I've noticed that a man with a gun usually shortens his arguments.'

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