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Michael Jackson fans: Ultimate Michael Jackson survey anyone? (Part 16)?

This is going to be one long question, I hope you MJ lovers and fans enjoy!:1.) What are 10-15 things about yourself? What are 10 things about yourself, that are related to Michael Jackson? (For example for the second question, you can say I can moonwalk, etc.)Here are mine:1.)My name is Marjorie and I am 13; I live in Southern California!2.)I am a happy camper, I don't really like getting mad because it makes me feel sad! :) lol3.)My favorite cartoon is Spongebob Squarepants, and I have been a fan of Spongebob for 6-7 years!4.)I can wiggle my nose like a bunny, and I know this is not ladylike, I really don't know how it happened, but I can burp at free will, but I don't do it unless my friends, who know I can do it, tells me to do it! :)5.)I do not like putting make-up on, I only like putting chap-stick or lip gloss but that's it!6.) I love school and learning, my fave subject is all of them, but I love math the most!7.) I love Cinnamon Pretzels, dumplings, anything with cheese, and many more!8.) I have braces (on my teeth) and the colors on it right now is pink and black!9.) My favorite color is anything blue, purple, and green!10.) I have traveled to England, Portugal, Spain, Philippines, New York (in U.S.A), and Canada! 11.) I love dancing, I used to be a hip-hop group for 3-4 years! 12.) I love being random and weird! :)13.) I love Yahoo Answers and I love all of my contacts, fans, and friends!14.) This school year is going to be my last year at my school! I am going to miss all of my friends, classmates, and teachers!15.) I love God, Jesus, and Mary very much and I thank them for everybody, everything and for my life!Here are my MJ related things about myself: 1.) I have 22 MJ related things in my MJ collection!2.) I can moonwalk and do the tip-toe stand, do I little bit of the robot, and I am learning how to do the Indian walk!3.) I know how to do the whole routine of Beat It, and some of Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Remember The Time, and Thriller!4.) I can listen to Michael Jackson songs for more than 5 hours!5.) I can see Michael Jackson music videos for more than 9 hours!6.) Many, many people at my school know I love Michael Jackson, even my teachers know I love Michael Jackson!7.) I have three Michael Jackson nicknames at school: BAD, Aaow!, and Marchael Jackson! 8.) I have won a Michael Jackson competition last year at my Think Together program!9.) I have written about 3 essays at in my Language Arts class about Michael Jackson, and my Language Arts teacher likes it! 10.) I thank God, Jesus, and Mary for letting me hear Michael Jackson's music and for Michael Jackson himself!thanks so much for those who answered this question...peace!

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  1. carrot says:

    1.My name is Shania2. I lov ethe color Blue3.soon to be freshman.(:4.I love riding fourhweelers.5. Country girl at hearrt, born in Orange Texas<36.BIG believer in Jesus!7. Love Michael Jacksons music!8. Clumsy.9. Shy.10.Funny1.Own two MJ CDS, I dont get to shop much. :/2. I have been to Disney world like MJ has!(:3. I took dance in 2nd grade.4. I made up my own dance to Smooth Criminal, Wanna Start Somethin, Billie Jean, & Rock With You.5. Ive tried the Moonwalk but never succeeded.!6. I recongnized more than half his songs, like his lyrics i can sing half his songs without looking at lyrics working on the rest!7. Watched MJ interviews for 3 hours.8.Listen to his music when i have nothing to do.9. Learned how stand on my tiptoes like him!10. Learning right now how to do his spin!

  2. pla says:

    I was wondering how your first answer related to michael jackson, but then I saw you were 13, no questions asked1) I also touch kids

  3. bedspread's says:

    1.) I’m a girl2.) I’m gonna be a freshman in high school (ew)3.) My fav. color is purple4.) I love skinny jeanz5.) I have 2 guinea pigs6.) I loved Prince Rogers Nelson since I was 77.) I used to do ballet8.) I like to make ppl laugh and be random9.) I don’t like apple pie10.) I can say my ABC’s in Spanish :) 11.) And I love my Y!A MJ famMJ Stuff1.) All my friends know I’m a MJ lova and they all got me MJ stuff for Christmas.2.) Me and this boy had a HEE HEE contest at my old school at recess and I won ;) 3.) I have 2 MJ posters on my wall4.) I own Michael Jackson’s The Experience and play it all most everyday5.) People say I’m a really good singer (But I don’t think so)6.) I went to school wearing a MJ shirt one day and I was walking down the hall and all the kids started yelling “Michael! Michael!” I felt famous :D 7.) Some younger kids at my school use to call me MJaaaaaay Lover (That’s how they use to say it MJaaaaay)8.) The kid is not my son9.) I know the dance routine to You Rock My World, Thriller and Beat It10.) I sometimes call my friends Applehead and they don’t even know what it means (But I do hehe)

  4. Adephaga says:

    He touched me… here, here, and… right there…

  5. axwort says:

    1. I love Gymnastics.2. I was cheer captain in 5th grade.3. I love to try new things, no matter what it is!4. I’m a fluent spanish speaker.5. I’m very flexible 6. I’m a really nice person to get to know, just dont get on my bad side.7. I’m sensitive sometimes.8. I took training to become a model.9. I love animals.10. I love music that was way before my time.MJ Related!1. People say I’m an amazing singer/songwriter/poet.2. I’m also a great dancer.3. And actress!4. My favorite albums are Bad, Dangerous, and Invincible.5. I sung This is it in choir and everyone loved it!86. I also made a poem about him.7. My family are fans as well, which is another reason why i became a fan.8. I made a Gymnastics floor routine to cheater and blood on the dancefloor.9. I love meeting new fans. I try to everyday.10. The first song i heard by him was “Wanna be startin something.” :)

  6. retrieve says:

    Too long didn’t read. You’re one chatty little girl.

  7. sulpholysis says:

    WOW @ the haters. Ignorant much?Anyways, YAY another survey! :D D1. I am 15 years old and live in North Carolina!2. I am a vegetarian.3. I’m obsessed with cupcakes :p 4. I want to be a fashion designer when I’m older, and I sketch designs daily and have even made a few garments.5. I looove the show Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Seinfeld.6. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fight with anyone O_o I HATEHATEHATE fights so I’ve never really gotten into a big argument. :) 7. My other music obsession (aside from Michael) is Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga.8. I live in a really big house! :D 9. I speak fluent Romanian :) 10. I am currently really heartbroken from a break-up :-( Now about the MJ-related shiz ;D1. I own an MJ calendar, MJ t-shirt, all of his CD’s, a sparkly glove, fedora, aviators, the Billie Jean jacket, an MJ book about his life and pictures of him, MJ notebooks and folders, and the This Is It DVD.2. I became a mega-fan after he died. I know. Don’t judge. All I can say is that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.3. My favorite MJ song changes daily haha, but at the moment it’s One More Chance and On The Line.4. I once was able to do the Thriller dance, but I hadn’t practiced lately so I kinda forgot it :( 5. I remember when I used to cry everyday after his death, and still do from time to time.6. I find it funny when people bash MJ, because what they bash him about are so easily disproved.7. I often refer to Michael in the present tense. It’s kinda hard to refer to him in the past.. :/8. I’ve drawn many pictures of him! :D 9. I’ve written a poem about Michael.10. I don’t care what anyone says, I will be a Michael Jackson fan for life :) xxWow, your answers could be mine too! XD Spongebob is AWESOME. And I own SO much ChapStick! haha. Keep the questions coming, we love them! :)

  8. bvector says:


  9. abac says:

    1My name is mark and I’m 13 and I live in LA2 I like to play video games3 I act like an army soldiers a lot 4 I been to never land when I was 45 I like to have friends over6 I am a great football player 7 I am a linebacker for my team8 Michael Jackson is my idol9 I want a dog very badI’mbad Report Abuse