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To Kill A Mockingbird: Need help choosing an essay topic?

As a freshman this year, I am taking English 1 Honors. We are writing about To Kill a Mockingbird, and my teacher is allowing us to choose our own topics. I need help choosing what would be the "easiest", or one that would be the best to write on.Here are my options:#1- Discuss the use of any Literary device and its overall impact on the meaning of the novel.#2- Discuss the role of one of these adults in Scout's life: Atticus, Miss Maudie, Calpurnia, Aunt Alexandra, or Boo Radley#3- How does the relationship between Jem and Scout change as they grow up?#4- Discuss the references to Mockingbirds in the novel and the meaning of each reference.#5- Explain Atticus's definition of courage. Cite examples of Jem's increasing understanding of this definition and its impact on his behavior.#6- Identify examples throughout the book in which the adult Scout reflects on the events that the child Scout is describing. Explain the significance of each example.#7- Discuss the impact the Civil Rights movement had in the town of Maycomb.I have to write a Three Paragraph Essay (short, I know...) using Jane (schaffer?)'s writing. Basically, I need an introduction, body paragraph (two chunk... basically two concrete details and two commentary details for each concrete detail.), and then conclusion. I am not asking anyone to write a full essay out for me, but to give me ideas on what to write it on and how to write it, if possible.Also, any essay writing advice? I have always strugged to come up with ideas that fit into the way of writing the teacher has taught us... what can I do to help me come up with ideas?Thanks A Lot!

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  1. snapbacks says:

    4 would be very easy to write.in the novel the metaphore is fairly well explained.atticus tells the kids ,scout and jem that he would rather they shoot at tin cans and not birds but that he knows they will shoot at birds and he rather they shoot at bluejays and not mockingbirds and tells them to kill a mockingbird is a sin. this is because mockingbirds sing pretty songs and bluejays are noisy loud pains in the ***.in the novel the mockingbird represents boo and tom because the people only really know them by what is said of them ,thereeby they are like the mockingbird who doesn’t have his own song but sings the songs of other birds.and in the story boo has never harmed a soul he was simply reclusive and tom also never harmed anyone he is just a simple man doing his duties working on thngs for mayella and they both keep to themselves.but the people make up what they don’t know about the two , making them mockingbirds,birds who don’t have their own songs.and as atticus says to kill a mockingbird is a sin.this representation of them as not having their own song cements the allegory of them as mockingbirds. also tom represents the black race who,during that era,had no song as well. anyway i gues you get the point the mockingbird symbolism is kinda easy to explain in so many ways in relationship to the book.the “killing” of a mockingbird is seen in many things in the book ,like boo being ostracised because he is shy and so forth,and don’t forget “it is a sin to kill a mockingbird” so almost any right and wrong situation can be considered killing a mockingbird.it’s the peaceful ,pleasant (right) mockingbird vs the loud noisey (wrong) bluejay.

  2. Chlamydomonadaceae says:

    5 and 7 will be easiest!7 is basically a what if question.5 you can say that you didn’t need to be tough physically . You could take on something that all others will hate you for even though it is the right thing