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Can someone please tell me how to write a well thought out commentary for a shaffer essay?

I am an Honors English student and I am writing an essay on The Odyssey in Schaffer Format and I am having trouble writing a good commentary. Can someone please help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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  1. recluses says:

    Blinded by stubborn immaturity, a spirited young man forsakes his parents and homeland, setting off on a journey led by a weak shady promise of reward.Homer sailed into the unknown, uncharted waters –and encountered adventures hand over fist, experiencing the ranges from victory…..to heartache–even challenging the Gods, something no wise man dared do.Homer never found the legendary rewards of wealth and power imagined. With the wise care, guidance and compassion from the Gods, Homer returned home a wise man–earning the self-reward of maturity and gratefulness for all he left home as a selfish boy for.

  2. Genesiacal says:

    What do you need in your commentary? Is it about characters, plot, language, literary sources?