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What font for an essay should I use to make a long paper look short?

I have a 3.5 page essay at 1.95 spacing, and 11 font times new roman. I have 1 inch margins, and need to make the entire essay fit in 3 pages. Is there a font that does not look too skinny, with letterspacing that looks normal, and with word spacing smaller too. What is the perfect font to make my essay look shorter, and fit into 3 pages.

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  1. crystallitic says:

    You might get a few extra lines by reducing the spaceing between characters.

  2. hypogynies says:

    Don’t try to fool your instructor with the font, just make your paper the appropriate length. The standard is to use Times New Roman in 12 pt font. I always get help on essays from [external link]

  3. guinart says:

    Arial is a good font to use.