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Help writing an essay on improvements/adjustments I may need to make for college?

I'm applying to go to college while still in high school, live in a dorm and everything but get college and high school credit at the same time. I had 5 essay questions to answer, and I'm a little stuck on the last one:What do you perceive to be areas in which you may need to make improvementsor adjustments (e.g. time management skills)? What kind(s) of changes do youthink you will have to make in order to be successful in the Academy, if any?

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  1. grueller says:

    Wow! College and High School at the same time!I imagine you need to really fine tune your time management skills including setting priorities and estimating how long it will take to do things.Balancing academics and socializing. Everyone needs a break from the books now and then, but you can’t do that too often.Living away from home will be an adjustment, doing your own laundry, not having your parents for support.Dealing with the emotional side of the change of status. Going from upper classman to lower classman?Asking for help. I figure everything will be harder. You might not be used to asking for help.