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PAINTBALL! Senior Project!?

What essay topic could I relate to paintball? I was thinking something about violence in the media or something like that? Any tips for a new paintball player? Thanks!

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  1. exonerator says:

    Injuries caused from paintballThe amount of damage a paintball gun could do.

  2. gangliest says:

    Please, PLEASE don’t relate paintball to violence. It just gives the sport a bad name and bad attention. Paintball is (usually) a non-contact sport. You see more injuries in football, hockey and soccer then paintball. It is growing like skateboarding or snowboarding did in the 80′s. Relate some national events like PSP or NPPL, in which players make a living. You could relate the media to these events, such as ESPN or FSN.Relate strategy, teamwork, and determination that it takes to play this game. Hope this helps with some of the ideas, good luck.

  3. Mesodesma says:

    Well “senior project” seems vague.. you could do an economic impact in your area, or a physics project on how it works… can you give us any more details?