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Think of one word to describe your past 4 months?

disappearwhy is this my word?it definitely is without question. every time i've tried to do school essay's this word has come into my mind numerous times. even when i try to write lyrics... it has popped into my head numerous times as well. i sometimes feel as though there is a transition just over the horizon... and that if i make it i will never be the same nor will i return to the people that mean the most to me now for a painfully long period of time.

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  1. etherizing says:

    difficult why? because it has been a very difficult trying ordeal of a time….

  2. diathermize says:

    God hates me.

  3. roughhewing says:

    smoooooth.(although there have been a few bumps in the road, but all in all, it has been pretty smooth. I shall not complain.) As long as I keep doing what I am doing, and just do the next best right thing in front of my at the time, everything else just seems to fall into their proper places.

  4. stof says:

    relentlesssince life had been turning, 4 months ago, it has not stopped. The past 4 months, 1 semester, and 120 days have not stopped since they have started. It is a word that has a painful sense to it, with a little bit of unholy satisfaction, that if thought of in a certain way, is a great description of life. It is unmerciful, and without forgiveness.

  5. statutes says:

    surreal. the end of school and the start of real life.

  6. everycr says: