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Can someone help me out on my Red Badge of Courage Essay?

Hey I was just wondering and see if someone could edit my paper? Just help me out :)Okay the question for the essay is:"The RBOC marked a turning point in literature. Crane is now considered one of the earliest writers of modern American literature. Many of his peers praised his work. H. G. Wells called Crane "...the best writer of our generation." Crane used images to convey a soldier's war experience in an authentic way - one that seemed to create a series of photographs of the events. Analyze passages that describe color, sounds, machinery, and/or animals. Explain how these images contribute to the success of cranes novel."Thats the question. Could someone just edit my first paragraph, and if people actually can then i will see if someone can edit some of my others.The novel, The Red Badge of Courage, written by Stephen Crane, is a story that portrays a different view on war. Crane incorporates images directly into his story to help convey Henry Flemings, the protagonist of the story, idea about violence in a battle. The story is a different reveals a different perspective on warfare and through the novel Crane expresses exactly what he thinks of his. To tell the story of Henry Fleming, Crane utilizes a verity of different examples of machine imagery, animal imagery, and color.I have to have a strong thesis (Last sentence) and a good body and it needs to have "Sentence Variety" hahaCan someone hook me up with a peer edit?

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