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Can you help me please? Franklin Roosevelt?

Franklin Roosevelt promised the American people a new deal. Most believed that he also meant a good deal. Did America get a good deal with the New Deal? Write an essay explaining ways in which the New Deal was a success and the ways in which it was not.Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency was the longest in U.S. history. He is famous for the fireside chats that informed and encouraged the American people through the Great Depression and World War II. Suppose you were asked to give your own fireside chat about Roosevelt’s presidency. What would you say?

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  1. untidies says:

    Do you want us to help you or write your essay for you?Do your own research. There is tons of information on FDR on the internet.

  2. temporomandibular says:

    Agh… I hated these assignments. All you’re going to be able to do is to find the facts on FDR and write these for yourself. Now, I will tell you now–regardless of what you read, the New Deal did manage to help people. However, it also prolonged the depression due to the massive spending. If you write this in a paper, you’re likely to get lower grades for stating the truth. That being said, check Encyclopedia Brittanica’s website. They’ve a lot on FDR. May I also say–when in doubt, Google it.

  3. destriers says:

    key point that usually isn’t stated… great depression was ended by ww2, not government policies…however depression would have been much worse without the new deal….

  4. alienage says:

    the New Deal was an abysmal failure. almost all of today’s economists agree that Franklin Roosevelt extended the Great Depression at least 7 years longer than it needed to last. the New Deal failed because it interfered with natural market forces that would’ve corrected themselves sooner than later. for example, for every government job that was created, more jobs were lost in the private sector, which were the only jobs that could’ve helped revive the economy. today, Obama is taking us down the same path that Roosevelt took in 1933. also, for the record, FDR was not a good president. he was an aspiring dictator who ruled for longer than what was gentlemanly (4 terms) and tried to circumvent the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court with Democrats (1937 Judiciary Reorganization Bill). he was a communist sympathizer who cozied up with Stalin and allowed the Soviets to take East Berlin. finally, his internment of 110,000 Japanese-Americans was one of the worst human rights violations in U.S. history.