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Does this sound resonable to you guys? Help please?

OK, so discard all questions about the rabbit! Lol i don't want to take any chances of having my guinea pig hurt. So anyway, I decided to just get a laptop. I have a desktop but its seven years old now and takes a half an hour (literally) to load just to write or print a paper. I'm going into middle school and I'm taking all honors classes. I'm going to have a lot of homework and essays to type and do research for. My dad just got a new iMac, but he already told me that he doesn't want me to "play" on it, meaning that it is for his work and not my homework. Anyway, I'm getting a (cheap) desk in my room and I was planning on saving up for a laptop. The summer is almost over and I only have $30 from chores and serving weddings. I only have about three weeks so I will never earn $400. Am I crazy to ask for a laptop of my own? My mom said that it is a good idea but I've never asked my parents to buy it for me. Should I just come right out and ask for it? Help please! Thanks =) Oh and I already know what laptop to get and everything

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  1. condictious says:

    This how you will get one, get your mum alone or who ever is easiest to handle, then give them what you have saved, and say you want the best possible education, and that having this will certainly help you enormously, then wait, i did it worked a treat.