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What other class should I take in Spring 2009 at my college?

I'm going to major in Computer Science, but right now I'm at community college. In Winer I plan on taking English and finishing it forever, and then comes Spring. I'm going to take Calc 2, Physics with Calc, and C programming. But i need another class, and I don't know what to take. It can't involve a lab science or math. What should I take? I like plants, psychology, philosophy, history (already passed AP Exam though), and astronomy. All i know is I don't want to have to be writing a bunch of essays like in my English classes. What class would you suggest taking?

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  1. cryptocarp says:

    I would suggest you talk to a professor or counselor from your major program because they are the ones who know which classes you need to graduate or . . .what will transfer

  2. iotization says:

    well you might need to have a lab in addition to the lecture if you take a class on astronomy or plants. Psychology requires a lot of writing and research. Philosophy involves lots of reading and research. For computer science I would recommend a speech or art class. Talk to your adviser. They can help you a lot more because they can tell you what classes are required for your major.