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What would be the best way to start an introduction to this essay question about pre-civil war?

The question: Why did people in the North and South tend to see the issue of slavery differently?(I have a really bad problem with introductions, and this introduction needs to have 3 key points (that I am going to explain later) and a thesis. Please help me, it's not homework! Thanks!)

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  1. kalyani says:

    First of all, you should start by explaining that the issue of slavery was a very complex one that has been watered down over time to seem simple.Here are a few points for you.1. The North did not make as great a use of slavery as the south, not because of ideology, but rather because they were more industrialized and “British” about it. They had more industry and less labor intensive crops. You can’t really grow cotton in Maine, now can you? While there were slaves in the northern states there were far less.2. The North didn’t really care about slavery. Only about 15% were abolitionists. The rest just didn’t care (or owned slaves themselves). Slavery existed from Illinois to New Jersey. As it started to become abolished, in some states it was just changed in name. For instance, in New Jersey they went from “Slaves” to “Apprentices for Life”. Lincoln had slaves in the white house. But since they weren’t his and he “rented them” they were just considered servants. But make no mistake about it… the north had slaves.3. The North by the time of the civil war had actually OUTLAWED blacks in many ways from even living in their states. Some required a bond or license. Some only permitted blacks for a short period of time from 2 weeks to a couple months. Some even prohibited FREE BLACKS from entering the state (IN THE STATE CONSTITUTION). The rules blacks were subjected to in the north were harsher in some ways than in the south. So basically, the north didn’t have enough blacks to understand what or why was happening in the south. Those who did not own them would hear stories and then point the finger (only 15% mind you). But they didn’t really know what they were talking about.Finally, the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin made a VERY big impact on Northern views. As the north had mostly gotten rid of their blacks they had no idea what was happening in the south. Uncle Tom’s Cabin painted a very bleak picture. Not that such things never happened, but slaves in the south by far were much better off than that. It was media sensationalism.The North did not appreciate how unique and complex it was to have 4 million blacks in an area of the country, when few of them really fit into American society in any way but through a slave based system. The African slaves should never have come to America, but they were here and they had been paid for in most cases and they needed to be taken care of. So the North saw what they wanted to see.The South, in turn saw themselves as caretakers of the African slaves. They certainly believed they were superior to them, but tended to have a view that they needed to be treated as children. Not all slave owners were so benevolent, but… those are some of the big differences.

  2. cuspidation says:

    The people of the north, a highly industrialized region depended mostly on the massive influx of immigrants for labor while the South a hightl agricultural region depended on the influx of slaves.