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Why has the notion of race persisted, well after it has been shown to lack any explanatory power?

Hi! I'm working on an essay and I'm just a little confused on what this essay question really means. It's part of our 'Cultural Identity and the 'Other' study. I just need some ideas on what to write for this essay question:Race may not be biological, but it is still a powerful social idea with real consequences for people’s lives. Why has the notion of race persisted, well after it has been shown to lack any explanatory power?Thanks for taking your time to read this and giving me feedback and that every feedback counts! Very much appreciated :)

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  1. nickelled says:

    Humans are really very primitive tribal creatures who have evolved to distrust people from other tribes.

  2. immoment says:

    It’s related to the fear of the unknown. Back in the old days, anyone not in your tribe was a treat–they might invade your hunting grounds maybe taking all the food you rely on to get you by; they might steal your breeding females; they might kill your healthy men; they might bring on diseases and sickness; they might conquer you and your tribe so you have to move somewhere else. So you warred to keep what is yours. If somehow you got to know each other and came to an agreement that they’d hunt only over on that side, and you’d hunt over here, and the exchange of mates would be equitable and agreeable–etc.–then they’d sort of be part of your extended tribe (thus, ok, and you’d be allied with them). If some weird space creatures came down, the whole human race would unite (it’s “us” against “them” for survival). If you substitute the word “culture” for “tribe”, that will give you good idea to work from. Those guys over there only eat pig meat; we only eat fish; they leave piles of rotting pig remains which we don’t like and which gets in the water and kills our fish; they think our fish cooking makes everything smell bad. Etc. That’s how cultural divides happen. What we do is always right and correct (and of course God is on our side); they are always wrong.

  3. rationalness says:

    Races exist because various groups of humans became separated and isolated long enough for independent characteristics to evolve. the fact that different races exist kind of proves evolution…

  4. slickenside says:

    Humans enjoy being xenophobic, clannish, closed-minded hairless primates that believe in magical sky deities and their own supremacy.Hence, wars.