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Is this a good response essay?

Is this a good response essay for The Odyssey? The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer about the impact the gods had on the people’s lives. The main character is a man named Odysseus who is on his way home from the Trojan War. He is faced with many complications along the way.He was held captive, and put in many life threatening situations.Homer was displaying how the gods had a great influence on the lives of the characters. There are several gods, all who have different opinions. They all have different reasons to either like or not like a human.There were some gods who were in Odysseus’ favor such as Athena who was always doing what she could to help him. Although there were other gods such as Poseidon who shows hatred towards Odysseus for blinding his son, the Cyclops.This religion the Greek people had was very flawed.To have one god on your side and one against you makes it difficult to be safe.It also starts problems in the heavens.The gods were constantly being against each other because one did something another one doesn’t like or one didn’t like a person the other did.It was constantly difficult for the humans as well as the gods. The gods impact was corruptive.

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  1. kimono says:

    *It is written rather haphazardly and does not follow the format of an essay. You should have a clear intro, body, and conclusion*

  2. chestnuts says:

    You want (and need) a straight answer, so that’s what you’re gonna get (from me, at least).No, this is not a “good” essay.It’s mostly a list of facts and events. Essays ANALYZE facts and events.