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A question about trust in relationships?

A couple are out in town. The man starts to explain what is up for the evening. He tells his girlfriend (through almost 5 years) that he is meeting up with a female friend from his studies about "some unsolved problems". The girlfriend first thinks, it is related to their essay and asks, if that is this issue? The boyfriend says no - I don't know what it is and after that he says it is not important for you to know. The girlfriend does know this other girl. How will you reach?

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  1. interpretations says:

    It kind of sounds he’s cheating on his girlfriend.He said it’s not important for her to know because he doesn’t really want her to know what’s going on with him and that female.And ‘unsolved problems’, what are the problems with between him and her?I know it’s none of that girlfriend’s business about their ‘problems’, but it’s something.But I don’t know.

  2. line's says:

    This question does really coil down to fundamental trust. That said, you should trust what your man told you because he could have chosen not to mention anything in the first place. Since he did means that he was going to do what he was telling you. It is clear that sometimes men cannot say or communicate the way we would like them to as they are just men. So let them be. Believe them for them to believe us.