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Thesis statement help! reformation…?

can someone write me a thesis statement for my essay on the protestant/catholic reformation? in the paper i will be discuessing the causes of it (church financial corruption, increased literacy rate and bible being printed in several languages, and theses 95) and the consequences ( the making of England into a Protestant theocracy, St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, and Constant warfare between Protestant and Catholic European countries during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries)THANK YOU! 10 points!

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  1. leilabd says:

    sorry can’t help, I hate papers

  2. sasins says:

    Could you post the actual question? Because the protestant reformation and the catholic reformation are two very different events, and your topics are a little scattershot. Assuming the topic is really that broad, you may also want to delve into the fact that the Reformation was largely a political/economic event. The various princes in Germany converted to Lutheranism to get out from under the toe of the Catholic Holy Roman Emperors and to stop having to pay the church tithes, and over in England, Henry VIII (who had interestingly enough once been titled “Defender of the Faith” by the pope) established the Anglican Church–which is spiritually and doctrinally the same as Catholicism with the only truly drastic change being that the king was its head rather than the pope– not only because the Church wouldn’t give him a divorce, but also because it enabled him to sieze control of the huge amount of lands and wealth the Catholic church possessed.Also, you’ll want to mention Zwingli, and the fact that he and Luther were unable to reconcile Protestantism in the Marburg Colloquy called by Phillip II of Hesse. Plus the end to the religious controversies by the Edict of Nantes, Peace of Augsburg, Treaty of Westphalia, etc. But based on what you said, I would go somewhere along the lines of:”In 1517, the “renegade monk” Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses to the doors of Wittenberg Cathedral. Though initially intended only as a means to invite theological discussion, this simple act would spark perhaps the greatest religious movement in history–the Protestant Reformation. Frustrated by the corruption of the Catholic Church, thousands would flock to the new Protestant religions, both for spiritual motivations and secular greed, sending all of Europe into an era of religious upheaval.”