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Titles for BSL argument paper?

I'm writing my paper [well, two of them] for school and I need a title for my paper.I tend to come up with whitty titles that twist the title to what we're writing about.Example: We had to do an essay in Writer's Workshop about tattoos and whether parents should interfere with their child's decision or not. My title ended up being "To Interfere Or Not To Interfere: That Is The Debate.".Either way.I was thinking something like "BS(L)" or "BS... L".. kind of saying it's complete BS right from the start.But it really looked kind of stupid on the title page, so I just left it blank so far.Any ideas? Anything whitty I could put? I'm really stumped.

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  1. WHITNEY says:

    BREED SPECIFIC LUNACY- How BSL is missing the point on Dangerous Dogs

  2. griffie says:

    BSL…… it’s BSLOL, huh, lets see what others come up with, there are some clever people on here, :) You could put the BS in bold, and the L in… not bold,