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What would be a good attention grabber for an essay on ow illegal immigration negatively effects the us?

Welfare precipitants come to mind. They come over here for a better life no doubt. The difference between the ones coming from Mexico and the ones coming from other countries is that they come here legally and they contribute to society. Just in Harris County alone the HCHD reports over 10,000 babies were delivered to illegals in the year 2010. They then run to the food stamp office. These people have been a burden on our schools to the degree they have destroyed our public school system. They have taken millions of jobs from the American claiming no one would do the jobs. At income tax time they claim the child income tax credit that nets them on average of 8000 dollars tax refund without paying a dime of income tax. This is a few that comes to mind, but im sure there are many more including the burden on our court and prison system.

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  1. profarmer says:

    A title such as ‘Do you want to empty your own rubbish bin?’Not meaning to be racist or anything, but illegal immigrants are willing (for minimum wage too) to do work that most American citizens would not do if their lives depended on it.

  2. trivers says:

    Its US or them

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  4. heidler says:

    The increase in crime, rape, murder, theft.