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Help with my law essay…utilitarianism?

ok so im writing an essay illustrating different theories of justice etc and i have just started talking about jeremy bentham and utilitarianism.'the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people', so basically saying the suffering of the minority is justified by the happiness of the majority.sooo a law may create social inequalities and benefit some at the expense of the others...so my question!......i want to put in an example of these social inequalities, but cant really think of any.. i thought of patients being refused changing life treatment due to financial problems....ie rich people can afford to be treated, whereas poor people may not be so lucky, would you say that idea is valid? if anyone can give me some better ones would be muchly appreciated!sorry i had to ramble on i just wanted to give an idea of my paragraph im currently working on!thanks in advance

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  1. loanable says:

    ughh why are you obsessed with pedophilia?

  2. mammolo says:

    That example you gave is not really good, I wouldn’t use it. It is a bit ilogical. Instead say that a minority of people does not get experimental or expensive cancer drugs on the NHS so that the majority of people can get inexpensive drugs. Other examples could be that a small minority of people have their freedom of expression curbed and cannot say racist, hateful, disgusting things in public or the media so that the majority of people can watch TV or open a newspaper and not be confronted with those offensive things. A small minority of nudists cannot walk naked in public so that the majority of people’s eyes don’t start bleeding on their way to work from having to look at them involuntarily. Laws work in this way, e.g. the minoriy of paedophiles cannot have sex with children so that the majoritz of people are protected from bodily harm. hope this helps a bit.