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How do i cite the code of hammurabi?

in an essay, i used two of the laws from the code of hammurabi and a sentence that hammurabi wrote in the intro to his law code. can somebody help me with the MLA citation for this?

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    Where did you get the information from? If you got it from a website, you would quote it in the format of a website quote. If you have a book version, you will quote it in the form of a book quote. The note in the prologue is part of the book, and should have page numbers. So you would quote it using the page numbers just like any in text quote.Book with Single Author:”This is the sentence you are quoting.”(Last Name, Book Title)Bibliography:Last Name, First Name Middle Name. Book Title. City of Publisher: Publisher, Year Published.Web Page:”This is the sentence you are quoting.” (Last Name F. N., Year Published)Bibliography:Last Name, F. N. (Year Published, Month Published Day Published). Name of Web Page. Retrieved Month Accessed Day Accessed, Year Accessed, from Name of Web Site: URLIf your book or website has an editor, you must edit your quotation as such.