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How should i write my essay on OCD, please help!?

okay so it's obsessive compulsive disorder.i'll have a :-intro paragraph-body- WHAT SHOULD THE TOPIC SENTENCE BE?-body- WHAT SHOULD THE TOPIC SENTENCE BE?-body- WHAT SHOULD THE TOPIC SENTENCE BE?-final paragraphi have no idea what the topics should be for the body paragraphs, please help! thank you :)

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  1. Matisse says:

    Have a strong thesis statement that is the last sentence of the first paragraph – I would try something like: Many otherwise normal people have subtle OCD problems. I. Children are victims of OCD. II. Their OCD may calm down in adulthood but can interfere with daily relationship issues, like sleeping on the left side of the bed. III. The prevalence of subtle OCD in even so-called normal people points to the fact that learning disabilities are overlooked in today’s society.