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How to double space a text using wordpad?

My teacher wants us to write an essay on the computer, but she wants it double spaced. How would I do this on WordPad or NotePad? I don't have Microsoft Word or anything...

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  1. slunge says:

    I do not think you can double space on Wordpad or NotePad. I recommend using google docs- a free online word processor. You just have to create an account with google, but it won’t cost you anything…

  2. unbendableness says:

    i have to do the same thing at this moment. after about billions of hours searching on the internet, it turns out you cant do that on wordpad. darn

  3. laderer says:

    Highlight what you want double spaced and then press ctrl+2. This used to be very easy to search, I wonder why it’s not anymore…