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Where can I find an up-to-date stat on the % of crimes that are commited by young people in the UK.?

I'm writing an essay on youth crime and I want a simple statistic on what percentage of reported crimes were commited by young people (e.g. - under 21's, under 18's, doesn't really matter).All my research has drawn up far more complicated breakdowns of stats, but I just need this simple one so I can say "xx% of all UK crime is committed by people under the age of xx".Anyone who can up with anything useful gets an automatic 10 points, plus a zillion internets and automatic legend status.Cheers!

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  1. earflower says:

    Since it’s only an essay that you’re writing, and not a document which has to withstand cross examination in court, you don’t need to get facts verified very much do you?Generally speaking, it’s common knowledge that most crime is committed by youngsters, teenagers mainly. Most of it utterly brainless, and easily detected. Which is why prisons are jam-packed full of young idiots who think they’re smarter than the cops. By the time most people reach maturity they realise that prison is very unpleasant, so they stay out of criminal activity. A very worrying feature of late is very young criminals, often pre-pubertal, which brings to their behaviour a complete lack of understanding of consequences. Parental control is usually lacking here, and courts and police are hamstrung in taking any kind of punitive action against children. As to stating a percentage, why insist upon that, when a simple juggling of words will get across the message as I’ve just written it….you’re not the Chief Constable, are you?