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Who would write a short essay about legalizing marijuana in canada? containg these things:?

- an intresting title- a 3 point thesis statement- clear transitions- a concluding paragraph......................................…ps: please, dont post dumb answers, if ur not willing to write, nobody is forcing u to.. thank u all..

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  1. leeann says:

    “Pot or Not?”POSITIVE:-Pot is natural, so not as harmful as many other drugs.-If pot, which is not as harmful as other durgs, was legalized, people would buy that and not other drugs, as the price would probably go down because drug dealers would not be taking as much risk.NEGATIVE:-Even though it’s not as bad as other drugs, it’s still harmful.

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    I can write what you want but I first give me three strong reasons why should it be legalized to make the essay credible.Please give me three reasons why marijuana should be legalized in Canada and I can do the rest.You can e-mail me at [email not allowed]