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Can someone help me on my essay?

i have write a essay about one theme that john Lennon has in his musical work.so i pick peace for a theme . John Lennon believes in peace and he expresses it through his musical works. John Lennon uses his fame for good to promote peace .John Lennon promote peace with his songs: "Imagine", "Give Peace a Chance ", and promote peace wit his "Bed -In" with Yoko Ono. John Lennon comes up with the song, "Imagine" to talk about peace. "Image", is about imagining the world with peace. The world with peace is a world that is not divided by, "Possessions, Religion "or war. The world with peace would be a world that it will come together and live as a one. "Imagine", is inspiration for people to imagine a world with peace. In, "Give Peace a Chance" John Lennon says people should strive for peace and not war. To strive for peace, people must forget about world’s conflicts and concentrated on peace. .People should skip going to religion and go straight for peace. People should not have prejudice against each or label someone. John Lennon song is an influence to follow peace.

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