So, I wrote this essay on Macbeth and I don't really know what direction its going in. I wrote a thesis, but its not very strong and I don't feel like it works with the rest of my essay...and my essay does not work with it. So, in my essay I'm talking about the roles of gender in the play. In the essay I have right now I talk about:1) Lady Macbeth and how she feels her femininity holds her back from being cruel like a man.2) How Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth into killing duncan by questioning his manhood/ how Macbeth manipulates the murders by questioning their manhood.3) How Macduff understands he needs to be strong like a man, but how he can also have a sensitive side and feel like a man....and how this makes him a better man than Macbeth because it shows he is more secure with himself and his masculinity.So my essay basically elaborates on those ideas, but I'm not sure if there too unrelated.....and I really need a good thesis that ties them all together. If you guys could come up with any thesis' or have any ideas I would really appreciate the input!

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  1. phyma says:

    your ideas are good. for you thesis instead of focusing on general gender roles you can focus on masculinity and how it can be either ones downfall or something honored. Something along those lines. It matches what you talked about in the essay more. you just have to make your thesis more specific about your topic so it matches with your ideas and you’ll be fine