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Can you please help me understand the topic of this essay/report?

I have been sitting here for an hour trying to grasp what it actually means. Here is what she gave us:This report will focus more on factual knowledge than on arguing or interpreting something. For this essay you must incorporate all of the following:What are the similarities and differences between the following writing assignments: compare 'contrast, cause & effect, proposals, argument, reports and evaluations? WHy is it important to understand the differences? Why might you use each? GIve examples of possible thesis statements for each, using the topic of violence in the media.I am completely lost on this writing assignment. I do not understand how we give examples of possible thesis statments for each using violence in the media. I'm not asking you to write my essay but to simply (not so simply) help me understand it. Can you give me any examples of what to write?

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  1. vagrantly says:

    compare and contrast violence in urban/rural scenescause and effect maybe something about poverty and its effects on viuolenceproposals more education decreases violenceJust the facts ma’am. I’m glad this isn’t MY assignment. Good Luck.